The Devil (Christian Sloan) meets John Smith (Matt Hamilton) in a cafe shop to recruit him as his right-hand-man in his legion, but John’s answer to the devil’s proposal never crossed the devil’s mind.

Screenwriter/Producer: Asim Altokhais (@AsimAltokhais)
Director: Theo Kim
Co-producer: Andy Hodgson
Genre: Action, supernatural, thriller, drama, horror.
Year: Oct 2018

Produced by 3rd action Films




John Smith wakes up in a dark unknown cafe, as soon as he regains his conscious something is burning in his chest, he uncovers his chest to see a glowing magical tattoo (seal) burnet to him. John tries to get out of the cafe but to no avail. John on the spot knows that he’s not in the normal world, but in a fantasy world, built by the Devil, he understands that he’s in an alternative reality and universe. 

John walks into the cafe and sits on the sofa facing the one and only, the Devil himself, with his Prada black suit, smoking his expensive cigar and enjoying the moment while drinking his red wine.  John takes a closer look at those shining things on the Devil’s suit and sees several brooches on the Devil’s shirt collar from the all-seeing eye to the square and compass.  An argument erupts between John and the Devil, with John asking the devil, “What about Crowley, Roosevelt, Hoover?” While the devil answers, “I gave them all a chance and they didn’t disappoint me”. 

The devil wants John to be on his side to destroy humanity and bring chaos to the world, and what if all the people are exactly the same thing, what difference would it make. Then the Devil asks John if he ever went to heaven, and the devil says, “Of course not, but let me tell you something, it’s boring. No fun, no risk, no balance”. 

The Devil spits it forward that he wants John with him to bring balance to the world and giving him all the vices that any human wants in life. John rejects all the devil’s vices to lure him to be his right man, but the devil sits next to John and tells him, “I think we should talk about your daughter,” that’s when John gets pissed off and wants to punch the devil, but it’s the devil world and he’s much powerful. The devil offers John a chance to save his daughter from her cancer if he joins the devil’s army, John thinks, then Gabriel comes into the scene, destroying the devil’s plan.

Gabriel and the devil fight, but we can see that the devil is much smarter, stronger, and even challenging the big guy with his power. In their fight they are destroying the cafe, that’s when the devil’s daughter, Synn, comes into action and stops the fight, here we can see that she’s twice as powerful as those two titans. The devil leaves the cafe, but not before giving John a heads up that he’ll be in touch, while Gabriel assures John that they’re watching and they are with him.

is a study of moralities when you face two supernatural beings wanting you to choose one side over the other, holding your beliefs and selling your soul to the devil are separated only by the realization of your true value.  


is a Saudi short written and produced by ASIM ALTOKHAIS, directed by THEO KIM, Co-producer/DOP ANDY HODGSON. The team also includes Co-producer/Editor JON SILVERBERG and Composer JASON CARBETT. The cast features MATT HAMILTON, CHRISTIAN SLOAN, CRYSTAL LOWE, and TREVOR KOOT. The film was developed and produced by 3RD ACTION FILMS. 

A multi-award-winning short film produced by 3rd action Films, a division of 3rd action, Inc.

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